Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bingohall Software

* Highly configurable bingo screen, colours and layout, sounds, create your own themes.
* Design and save your own bingo games.
* Manual or automatic calling of bingo numbers, mute option available.
* A bingo game plan option allows you to plan ahead.
* Saved bingo games can be resumed.
* Full screen option available.
* Professionally developed bingo sound files.

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Many local communities are using this bingo product to hold fund raising activities in the local neighborhood. You can select any of the 42 bingo game types. The system is highly configurable, you can use your own title, logo or use your own sound files via an options screen. You can even specify a background image and create games with themes like Christmas or Halloween.
New features include designing and saving your own bingo games. A manual operation option was requested by an existing customer to allow the software to be used a a display medium only and use their existing method to call the bingo numbers i.e. as a ball is picked the operator clicks the number on the screen to highlight it.
Everything is movable by clicking and dragging the items around the screen. Each bingo game is automatically saved when completed and can be reloaded if disputes occur and can even be resumed. A bingo game plan option is also available to plan ahead up to 40 bingo games, the system will move on to the next bingo game in the plan once the game has been completed. These bingo plans can be loaded at the start of the session each week to save you set up time.

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